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Cauldron Crafts Logo

Our Commitment. . .

We here at Cauldron Crafts take pride in the original designs we offer. But being original is not enough for us. Our commitment is to create well thought out designs of high quality that are not only original but also unique. Every design we offer has been sewn by our resident stitcher, not only to ensure the legibility and comprehensibility of our creations but also to ensure the final product will meet our exacting standards. However, we only have one resident stitcher who also finalizes the patterns created from our designs. While she is a very proficient and capable stitcher, the fact she must wear many hats in our organization limits the amount of time she has to sew our patterns.

By sewing all of our patterns before offering them to you we not only ensure they look good in their completed form, we also ensure they make the most efficient and economical usage of the materials we have selected. A very good example of our dedication to design efficiency and economy is our Nimue pattern. After receiving Nimue from our resident artist and creating a pattern from it, we reached the conclusion the complexity and the level of detail in the design would require seventy-eight colours to complete it. We realized this is a lot of colours, however Nimue was always envisioned as being a design for the advanced stitcher and we would not sacrifice quality for the sake of simplicity. With our hearts a little forlorn, we turned the pattern over to Tami, our stitcher. Now, with Nimue complete, Tami has used her superior knowledge of stitching and colours to reduce the palette from seventy-eight to fifty colours.

You may have found that not all of the designs we have listed are for sale. Some of our designs have yet to be sewn, and since we cannot ensure they meet our level of expectations, we cannot in good conscience offer them to you.