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The Stitcher's Song
(to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad")

Hi, my name is _______ and I'm glad you're here today.
I'm a stitchaholic, and I live from day to day.
I can't control my habit -- supplies just pile up on the shelf!
All I do is pass a shop, and that car turns by itself!


Oh, I'm a stitchaholic with too many UFO's...
I've tried to kick the habit time and again, God knows.
DH says he'll leave me if the pile gets too much worse,
But I'm gonna try to take em with me in that big black hearse.

I go in the shop for just one skein, and boy, I think I can!
I pass the new releases rack and ignore the new Just Nan.
I get into the thread boxes... and see the sampler wall...
I run out with an Emie Bishop, fabric, threads and all!


I sneak my stuff into the house as quiet as can be,
I wait until DH is napping or watching the old TV.
And when it's time to bring it out and stitch with it, I say,
"Oh, this old thing? I've had it forever and a day!"


I sit and stitch and watch TV -- well, listen more than watch.
DH tells me what I miss and doesn't complain too much.
And when it's time to go to bed, he turns out all the lights --
He doesn't believe "just one more stitch" before I say goodnight!


I finished up a project -- it's framed and on the wall!
Now I can start another one -- or two more, if they're small!
I go through all my charts to pick and end up with a pile --
I've got so many UFO's, you'd think I'm an Xenophile!


I'm a charter member of the HUGE Stash Society --
I've got a stash so big that I can't find my Christmas tree!
She who dies with the most stuff is dead, and that's a fact!
Now, where's the sale, when does it start? I'll be in line for that!


I've got cats -- they really help! -- just ask them any day!
They help me wind floss and sort my beads, all kinds of ways!
They help me try new threads and critique the work I've done.
And when I've put the stitching up, they sit on it for fun.

Contents on this page submitted by Aliera